bringing joy back to the table!

The art of making bread is ancient and simple: flour, water, salt. As gluten-free bakers, we're forging a new path (and have been since 2007) for gluten-free bread. Simple ingredients, naturally fermented starters, whole grains, and hand crafted with intention and respect for the art of bread making.

Our breads retain the characteristics that are the hallmark of traditional, Old World, artisan baking methods (color, crust, crumb, mouth-feel, shape, etc.), while replacing common gluten-containing ingredients with high quality, allergy-safe alternatives. Unlike our competitors, our products are never frozen, use no preservatives, artificial coloring or flavors, or dough conditioners.  Many brands rely on eggs as a main ingredient in all of their breads as a binder and leavening agent, making them unsuitable for those with egg sensitivities or those following vegan diets. While there are classic breads that indeed include egg as an ingredient (Challah & Brioche), we find it unnecessary. Leave eggs in traditional egg breads and make artisan bread the way bread was meant to be made: with flour, water, & salt.

Our vision of changing the world's perception of what it means to eat gluten-free guides our every step. If you've been disappointed with other gluten-free breads, or are ready to give up on gluten-free bread altogether, let us change your mind. We offer a fresh perspective on what it means to eat gluten-free, and we're thrilled to help bring joy back to the table for you and your family.